Thursday, April 17, 2008

What rates in Tasmania

I have just come back from a Tasmanian adventure. I love having adventures, they get me through the week having something to plan for and look forward to. It was my first time in the Apple Isle and what a spectacular place it is. There is just soooooooooo much to ooh and ahh over, endless reams of picture perfect scenery, rivers, lakes, mountains galore, lush forests, stunning national parks, pretty autumn colours, sail boats, pontoons (I lurve pontoons) and cute wooden houses.

My top four adventure highlights
1. Strahan and their amazing bakery - Banjo’s
First stop was Strahan on the West coast, a picturesque and charming little seaside village. The perfect place for a sea change - who can resist pontoons (obviously not me), fishing boats, waterside views, cosy accommodation and a bakery to die for - ‘Banjos’ Now I am very fussy when it comes to bakeries, in fact few rate for me but Banjo’s at Strahan rates BIG time. Their blueberry and raspberry housecakes were sensational, the pick of the bunch.

2. Cradle Mountain
Hurrah to Gustav Weindorfer who was a pioneer in ensuring Cradle Mountain would become a national park for all to see and enjoy.
Photos and words just can't capture the true beauty of such a natural wonder. Cheers also to the wonderful people that maintain the walking tracks inn Cradle Valley and all the stunning national parks in Tasmania

3. Salmon sandwhiches at 41 south
Perhaps the best sandwich I have had in a very long time.
Delicious smoked salmon, a zesty and light mayonnaise, crisp lettuce on fresh multigrain mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Such a shame they don't do delivery as I would love one right now.

4. Arty farty Henry Jones and the IXL offspring
The stylish Henry Jones Art Hotel is such a cool place to hang out in Hobart.
Surrounded by modern art, cool interiors and gorgeous stone work, this is a wonderful place to call home away from home. Delightful staff as well. A great location on the waterfront and surrounded by the creative IXL offspring. IXL designs had some aesthetically pleasing, funky and clever stuff to peruse. I just couldn’t resist some Art viva knitting needles and a very cute Dick and Dora bird brooch.
It would be remiss of me, not to mention also, the spectacular Lemon crud tart available at Jam Packed, This tart had the most amazingly perfect texture, simply divine. I’m obsessed now with making lemon curd tart

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